Preparing Windows Domain to deploy Windows 10

Windows 10 has arrived and is here to stay. Most organization will still be running Windows 7 as there preferred OS for Enterprise Desktops and Laptops. However, main stream support for Windows 7 will cease in January of 2015.

Time to take a look at your Windows Domain Based enviroment to establish what needs to be done to fully support Windows 10.

Domain Functional Level
According to Mircosoft a Windows 10 machine can be joint to a domain as long as the domains functional level is Windows Server 2003 or higher. Windows 2000 is not supported anymore.

Administrative Templates for GPO settings
To fully support all Windows 10 setting via GPO’s the Administrative Templates (.admx) for Windows 10 should be installed. The minimum support Windows Server version here is 2008.

System Center Endpoint Protection

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