With this Blog I want to share information and personal views on topics that are of interest to me. As an IT pro, technology is where I spend most of my time.  I would often face the same problems as my peers and colleges of course but also sometime will design and architect solutions that are unique. I’ve worked and will use technologies from the desktop to the server, from on-prem to cloud from Windows to Unix, whatever makes sense and offers the best workable solution.

In this sense I use my Blog as a notebook. There’s so much to learn and remember in our jobs that it’s impossible to keep up. By blogging, I have a notebook that I can access from anywhere. It has saved me many times in the past.

Anything you do to your IT infrastructure, applications, services, computer or anything else is 100% down to your own responsibility and liability. Because you read it here and I said so doesn’t mean it is correct or applies to you.  Please independently confirm anything you read on this blog before doing whatever you decide to do. All views are my private views and I don’t receive endorsement for any products/vendors mentioned here.

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