Moving the File Backup into the cloud

With the maturity and widely availability, not to mention the cost of cloud storage these days, almost all organisations will looking at embracing a cloud based file server back and moving away from their on-prem solutions. Lets quickly look at the pro and cons of cloud based backup in a general sense.

Pros of Cloud Backup Service

  • Secured and safe way of backing up data on a remote data storage
  • Access to your data from anywhere
  • In the most of the plans backup is cheap
  • Inbuilt disaster recovery facility
  • Data backup can be automated
  • No need to worry about maintenance of hardware and software infrastructure or running out of capacity


Cons of Cloud Backup Service

  • Usually high Internet channel is needed, i.e. upstream
  • Your data is stored on third party servers, if something will be wrong with them or your provider will close the service, then you need to worry about your data
  • Most of the Cloud Backup service providers charge based on data backed up. So, if you have more data, then you will be charged more.


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