Windows Hyper-V 3.0 2012 – P2V Windows 2000

Once the virtual disk has been converted we can create a new virtual machine. The same applies to go with a Generation 1 virtual machine in order to assign the VHD disk to an IDE controller. Hopefully the VM now will boot up. With Windows 2012 Hyper-V Microsoft has also dropped the support for Windows 2000 with regards to the integration tools. Some articles on the Web recommend to try to install the Windows 2008 once but it depends on what you need. The problem I encounters was that of course the network card was not supported. The solution here was to add a Legacy Network to the VM which solved the issues.

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  1. i was searching WINDOWS HYPER-V 3.0 2012, and i found this article, nice, your all information helped me. i used ‘Long Path Tool” to fixed the issue. thanks


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