Hyper-V Cluster-Aware Updating (CAU) Windows 2012R2

CAU_4CAU_5CAU_6The last screen just provides an overview of the option chosen as well as the PowerShell script that will be run, which might be handy if you have enable CAU on more than one cluster.

Here is the script:

Add-CauClusterRole -ClusterName GLL-CLT-01 -Force -CauPluginName Microsoft.WindowsUpdatePlugin -MaxRetriesPerNode 3 -CauPluginArguments @{ 'IncludeRecommendedUpdates' = 'True' } -StartDate "27/03/2015 03:00:00" -DaysOfWeek 1 -WeeksOfMonth @(3) -EnableFirewallRules;

CAU_7If everything work you will get the confirmation screen after less than a minute. If you look back at the OU mentioned earlier on you will find the additional computer object that have been created now. CAU_9

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